Yes, you are an artist!

You have got friends who are skilled at art and crafts, you have become habituated watching them transforming a piece of paper into an interesting object to look at. You have also got friends who can left the onlookers asking for more of their magical voice, stunning dance moves or mind-blowing acting. And all of them might led you to think “I am no artist…I lack creativity”

Well, that’s definitely not true, for ‘creativity’ just like the people who possess it doesn’t have any defined limit. Being creative doesn’t come with any rule book or activity chart. Here’s how you too are creative.


You have got a great fashion sense, you have the talent of pulling out anything you wear and you find yourself to be a trendsetter! You can give long lectures to your friends on what should be worn with what and what not. There you go! You are skilled at the art of dressing up.

If not a fashionista, you definitely find a great love for food which naturally pulls you into the art of cooking. You love experimenting with ingredients and more often than not come up with your own menu list. That’s an art.

Again, you love watching movies. You can’t spend a day without concentrating three hours on a motion picture. And you tend to think about it, in fact you can think about those movies all day and night. You find yourself talking about movies, suggesting, appreciating and what not! Well, reviewing/criticizing is an art.


Similarly, do you love mimicking others? Do you love stitching, knitting? Or are you skilled at some unconventional form of art like convincing, making friends?

Well, we all are artists in some form or the other. Though, in modern world almost everything can be created by machines but we artists shall continue creating if not for the world but for the sake of satisfaction of the soul that resides within us.

Ipshita Biswas

I love reading and writing. I take interest in technology, politics and economy and at times guided by the situation I may come up with poems and stories.