When every minute becomes precious

(This article is about how last week of college life feels like)

This happens, when four years of recurrence is about to experience a shift. A shift, which you always knew was very near yet never, prepared yourself enough for it. At this instant, a mixed feeling would pervade your heart, thousand thoughts would permeate your mind yet you would find yourself going with the flow. Urgency would meticulously fill every minute, yet the overpowering emotions wouldn’t let you make any effort.

You would make sure to enjoy every moment of the last few days with some concerns of completing every required work. But, again the experiences of the past have taught you that the greatest enjoyment is derived from the most unplanned, instantaneous choices. You make sure to have the minimum amount of sleep as that would kill your quality time.

Last Class

At this instant, all of a sudden following your priority list becomes very significant and thus, comes the matter of time management. You need to fulfill all possible wishes within a span of a few days because a momentous chapter of your life is coming to an end. After this, no force on earth can bring you back to this instant unless you are fortunate enough to come across a time machine.

What’s interesting is that the priority list of every individual at this instant would be different and thus, you can’t get it all. You would find yourself in a pool of memories; all the preparations for the functions, all those classes, all the group study moments, all those efforts to make your friends’ birthday a special one, all those special moments spent enjoying your friends’ company. You would want to relieve all those hours spent laughing on the silliest jokes, all those attempts to break rules and have some adventure, all those sharing of ideas with friends. In an attempt of relieving the memories, you would end up creating more.

Branch Photoshoot

At this instant, you would probably be having the best times or rather say the most adventurous times. You might find yourself indulging in things you could never have imagined in the previous years. That’s because you would never want to finish this chapter of your life with any form of regrets. Even in the campus where by this time 3/4th of the students have left you would find a lot of things happening around that’s because everyone is in a hurry. You are basically living a fast paced dream. You might be confused, impatient, worried, nostalgic etc at this instant, but this precious minutes passing by would forever be cherished by you as the departing minutes of the most significant chapter of your life.

That’s how it is; every good thing comes to an end.

Ipshita Biswas

I love reading and writing. I take interest in technology, politics and economy and at times guided by the situation I may come up with poems and stories.