Wanderers -By Ananyo Bhattacharya

We are wanderers, in the never ending cosmic oceans,

Travelling across the dark and mysterious skies…

Through the valley of the mighty stars…

And the merry go round of the giants and dwarfs…

From the tiny ants to the mighty galaxies….

All of them composed of the divine quantum of life…

Which are scattered around the space..

Reminding us of only one thing…”We Are One”.

Born from the ashes of the dead stars…

We are all composed of star dust.

The generations and years…and millennia…

It took to reach where we stand…

However we were, are and always will be wanderers…

We are wanderers, standing on the planet Earth,

Wandering from place to place…

In search of answers, in search of heaven and hell….

Through the green valleys, thick woods, dry deserts or snowy lands.

Every mind is a wanderer, a dreamer….

Billion dreams in those two eyes….Billion dreams given wings….to fly.

Every life, every leaf ever fallen is a wanderer,

In this voyage of life and death.

Wanderers around you all the time…

Just close your eyes…and feel it in yourself.

We are wanderers, in the journey through time…

Since ages and ages…

Trying to find the link…between us and the cosmos….

Travelling to the places never seen before….

Stepping into new worlds for the dawn of a better future

In search for new life, love and dreams…

On the quests to conquer the knowledge and power,

That resides within the mortal body, the eternal soul,

Diving into the depths in the oceans of infinity..

Or flying above the world to see…the grand design..

All of it was never built in a second or two,

It is a mere integral of the works of our ancestors,

With a golden touch of time in its bones.

We are wanderers, in search of ourselves..

Asking questions, reasoning things are all in our blood.

Failures are the pillars of the success..

That strengthen the monument of success..

Our journeys and voyages will never be thwarted,

By the storms of misguidedness and misunderstandings..

Until the flame of hope, the hunger for knowledge remains in the minds..

Our roads may diverge or may end up somewhere else…

Yet we will remain wanderers in search of the absolute truth.

We are wanderers, living in the darkness,

Hoping for the latent light inside it..

There are monsters that exist in those dark spaces..

No light can escape from whose wrath..

Yet the curious mind travels through them,

Like an immortal entity… with indestructible will.

The journey of the wanderers continues…

To the far infinities and beyond.

We are wanderers, amid the impalpable silences..

Far from the crowd and the noises…

There are worlds similar to ours,

Awaiting to be discovered someday…

Until…we unite and march towards the skies..

Stepping into new worlds…new voyages shall begin..

The purpose of humanity shall be fulfilled…

Restoring faith in the hearts…of the people.

The torch of humane morals…shall be passed on to generations ..

The old ones shall be replaced by the better, young ones..

The cycle of life and death will continue…

Yet Wanderers we are…wanderers we were..

Wanderers shall we remain.

                                                                      –Ananyo Bhattacharya