Unconditional Bonding

Sometimes in life you come across people, who instantly or at times gradually occupy a special place in your heart. You can never know whether the specialty is in them or the friendship they offer to you. You can never know whether it’s just you who can’t stay without talking to them or even they feel the same. You can never know whether you get crazy when they are around you or they get crazy when you are around them.

You would keep wondering but would never get to know the reason behind the verity that you never get out of topic while talking to them. You can never guess whether it’s their presence in your life which has made it more happening or it’s just that you are excited to see them around you.

You would forever wonder that, are they magicians in disguise in bringing out the best in you yet never changing you. You would forever wonder that are they destined to meet you or it’s just a mere coincident that you find a perfect fit in their company.

It’s utterly strange that you can talk incessantly for hours with them yet never get exhausted of the content. Your content of discussion can range from the most trivial of things to the most burning issues yet the enthusiasm in your tone fails to adjust to that change.

You may not need to talk every single day, yet you can pour out your heart to them. However funny, stupid, silly you may sound, their patient ears would always be there to grab your ridiculous blabbering. You don’t have to see them always because you are assured of their presence and it’s weird that you have never been so assured of anything else.

Yes, I know it’s curious that how perfectly they have accepted your imperfections and not just accepted they seem to love you the way you are. They never judge you and this appealing action of theirs have succeeded in demolishing the bit of critical mind in you.

They have corrected you, guided you, and helped you. They have celebrated your success and happiness thus, doubling the happiness in you. They shared your sorrows and pain thus halving the grief you would have to deal with. It’s it amazing how you enjoy with the child in them and listen with obedience to the wise counsellor in them.

It’s true that the thought of parting ways with them would tear your heart apart, yet the sheer happiness of having the best memories with them would keep you buoyant. So, this is where you have formed an unconditional bonding with someone…

Ipshita Biswas

I love reading and writing. I take interest in technology, politics and economy and at times guided by the situation I may come up with poems and stories.