Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in Toronto? Here is a list of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Toronto. They provide 360-degree audits and solutions to enhance your sales and manage your online reputations. With the emergence of digital marketing, the stakes are higher, and the dividends of success skyrocketing. Employing SEO and PPC management to compete for the first web page of search engines is part of the game and trade. It gets you your customer’s attention and his business. But, the tricks of the trade or the rules of the game are known to only a select few. And, only the ones with years of experience and expertise are the ones who know how to play it well. So hiring a digital marketing agency or building an in-house digital marketing team is crucial. Choose your digital marketing partner wisely, and to that end, here’s the cream of the crop-

1. Mayple-

If you are thinking of the best match of a digital marketer for your e-commerce site, think of Mayple. Known for their no-frills approach of no shiny presentations, no false-promise sales pitch, Mayple prides itself on outperforming benchmark results by curating the top-performing marketing experts for your business. They recognize that each business is unique, with its specific budget and needs. So, they vet the top experts that match your business goals, consistently monitor the results, and keep marketers accountable. The Mayple platform values transparency and keeps you abreast of every development and completely in control.

Pricing- Maple’s prices start at $1,200/month.

2. MadWoof-

If you are a business looking to scale your Paid Ads campaign or to ensure that you get the most bang for the buck for your digital marketing and advertising campaigns, MadWoof is the answer to your questions. Professionals with years of experience and expertise in crafting and executing marketing strategies, analytics, paid advertising, and content marketing, are at your service at MadWoof. They start with a fine-toothed comb audit of your Facebook and Google Ads strategy to identify and craft the most effective strategies. The principle of data and knowledge informing successful decisions in one that runs through each and every one of their solutions.

Pricing- MadWoof’s prices range from $100 to $200/hour. 

3. WebFX-

With digital marketing partnerships with Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and more, WebFX helps businesses generate leads, boosts transactions and revenue. Their customizable marketing plans have generated over $2.4 B in customer revenue in the last five years along with 6.3 M qualified leads and 11.6 M transactions. With a stable of more than 250 digital marketing experts, WebFX has one of the most extensive talent pools to suit your business goals.

Pricing- WebFX’s price ranges from $100 – $149/hour

4. Ignite Visibility-

A four-time Inc. 5000 company, Ignite Visibilty offers some of the best SEO, social and paid media, email, and creative solutions in the industry. Known for its focus on building relationships, being responsive to client needs and results, Ignite Visibility establishes mutually beneficial long-term relationships with their clients. The marketing solutions are tailored to the client’s needs and the results forecasted with their proprietary technology “Forecaster Method”. They are known for their intimidating reputation when it comes to training and testing marketers, relentless focus on goals, results, and innovation.

Pricing- Ignite Visibilty offers its solutions for a starting price of $100 – $149/hour.

5. Sure Oak-

A full-service SEO firm, with highly specialized services, Sure Oak will help you increase your online visibility and boost organic traffic. From optimizing your content to building premium links, this digital marketing focuses less on algorithms and more on a holistic approach towards sustainable growth and increasing conversions.

Pricing- Sure Oak’s prices start from $150 – $199/hour

6. WebiMax-

One of the best reputation management services on the market, WebiMax, is built on the core tenant of transparency. By conducting thorough audits, removing any and every “negative” or low-ranking content, while simultaneously generating high-ranking “positive” content, this agency boosts businesses out of stagnation. They specialize in positive branding and crisis management. The strategies are custom-built and implemented under strict discretion.

Pricing- Visit their website to get a quote on their services.

7. Delante-

Originally based out of Poland, Delante is one of the few SEO agencies that operates worldwide. Having implemented their SEO strategies to various industries in over 20 different countries, they pride themselves on their understanding and experience in the global market. Being able to step into the shoes of their clients, understanding their specific needs, and the needs of the customers is what Delante believes is the key to a successful paid ad campaign.

Pricing- Delante’s prices range from $50 – $99/hour

8. Zgraya Digital-

With a team of more than 40 in-house digital marketers, Zgraya Digital is a full-service provider. UX/UI, website design, product design, branding, development, digital marketing, you name it, and they have the experts to work on it for you. Their multi-faceted, hybrid approach is what makes them unique and instrumental in building a website from the ground up. Zgraya very rarely works with third-party contractors, preferring to keep the end-to-end strategy in-house.

Pricing- Zgraya Digital offer their services at prices ranging from $50 – $99/hour

9. Actuate Media-

Much as the name would suggest, Actuate Media, is data-driven. It a facilitator of B2C and B2B relationships. It crafts brand and conversion-focused advertising strategies and implements them. The foundational element of which is data curation and analysis, giving their clients marketing intelligence and competitive advantage within the industry.  

Pricing- Actuate Media’s prices range from $50 – $99/hour

10. Let’s get Optimized-

Founded in 2007, Let’s get Optimized, is a full-stack SEO agency that manages every aspect of its SEO services in-house. With offices in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, it has been one of the leading SEO solutions providers in Canada for more than a decade. 

Pricing- Let’s get Optimized offers their services at a price range of $200 – $300/hour

The digital marketing agency you choose would depend on what your specific needs are and the budget that you have. Once you have zeroed in on your budget and marketing needs, you can pick the agency which offers the services and has the best resources for those needs. If you are unsure about how much of your budget should be assigned to agencies, a simple industry analysis will give a dollar-value estimate. If your budget is on the mid or lower end of the spectrum, as it usually is for startups and medium-sized businesses, opt for an agency that offers multiple marketing solutions as opposed to niche solutions.

It is also important to ensure that the agency that you do choose fits well with your organization’s culture. It is critical that the agency’s values and practices align and compliment your business’s vision so that the work flows smoothly and yields better results. Be sure to seek quotations from multiple agencies so that you can compare and contrast before making an informed decision.