The Last Encounter

It’s exactly six month and 14 days, since I lay my eyes upon the study, tall figure hastily move with aggressive prowess, skillfully letting the tiny rocket like metal objects escape from the tightly held weapon of his hands. The dimly light alley had gone dead after every other living creatures there were silenced forever. Sensing that, I walked towards the perpetrator just to have a closer look at him for one last time before he went untraced for eternity. For one last time I wanted to take his hands into mine and utter the words ‘please don’t go.’ As if reading my thoughts, he spoke up, ‘I can’t stay here a minute longer…I have to go.’ As always, he never cared for what I went through every time he appears from nowhere and vanishes for aeon, leaving no hints. Once again catching up with my unspoken words, ‘It’s for our safety…trust me…I shall come back to you when all this is over…trust me,’ he said it with the same conviction in his eyes which always made me rush towards him, put me arms around his shoulder and rest my head on his chest, ‘I am safe as long as I lay my head here’. Not commenting on this thought of mine, he replied, ‘Good bye!’ and turned to walk towards his car, once again prepared to leave me waiting for aeon.

He always excelled in reading my thoughts and predicting my forthcoming moves even before my own mind could register it. But at that particular day even he could never have foreseen what I did next.

I quietly picked up the waif object from the ground and pressed the only loose part of the heavy object. Shaken by the combined effect of both the metal piercing his skull and the realization of the person who brought this fate to him, he turned. He said for one last time, ‘Now you proved that you truly love me’. He smiled and trailed off into the profound slumber for eternity.

Ipshita Biswas

I love reading and writing. I take interest in technology, politics and economy and at times guided by the situation I may come up with poems and stories.