Book Review: The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks, best known as the person behind the stories of the most loved blockbusters like ‘A Walk to remember’, ‘The Notebook’ has always mystified the readers with the best love stories ever. Here’s a quick review of ‘The Choice’ by Nicholas Sparks. “How far someone would go in the name of love?” is the very question whose answer would let Travis Parker make the toughest ‘choice’ of his life which would have the major impact in the lives of four other people. This is one of those stories which would certainly make you want it to continue forever. You would enjoy living through every moment this story entails. You will definitely find yourself smiling, crying, even keeping your fingers crossed and simultaneously praying as the story proceeds. ‘The Choice’ by Nicholas Sparks has every element to grab your soul with its emotional upheaval, even if you are not a diehard fan of love stories.

Nicholas Sparks’ novels always introduce you to simple, lucid character, which adds to the beauty of the story. ‘The Choice’ is no exception by any means. The story mainly centers on the three characters: Travis Parker, Gabby Holland, Stephanie Parker. Travis Parker, the most eligible bachelor in the town having a good job, great friends, a dream house in North California and his pet named Moby, who becomes the key to what lay ahead for Travis. Travis is found having a perfect life spending his weekends with his best friends and their family who seems to be an integral part of his life. It’s interesting to see every eminence of this character getting unfolded as the story proceeds. Gabby Holland, an independent, self-reliant woman holding a grudge against her neighbor for some reasons, has so many surprises to come her way. Then there’s this girl who calls herself a ‘perpetual student’ always dignifies as the ‘I know everything’ kind of person, Stephanie is indeed an amazing character that always stood by her brother.

It’s a story of how two people discover their soul mates in each other in the midst of every difficult choice. It clearly portrays the fact the ‘hope’ has the ultimate power to alter the ‘impossible’. It advocates that whatever difficult, demanding situations one faces in his life, one should not forget his responsibilities and must move on with the aid of every ounce of force left within him.

With simple yet accurately depictive language the visual imagery is made remarkable. The reader can actually visualize or in a deeper sense live through the situations whether it be of a dilemma, thrill, a splash of intense love, fear, nervousness, grief, or the turmoil felt while making the most important ‘Choice’ that holds the dependencies of a number of things.

So, do read ‘The Choice’ by Nicholas Sparks and let yourself inundate into a love story of remarkable characters and discover what ‘Choice’ is finally being made. It’s assured that the story won’t leave you disappointed. And if you are yet to discover other magical works of Nicholas Sparks, on completion of ‘The Choice’ you would definitely be tempted to read ‘Message in a Bottle’, ‘Dear John’, ‘The Last Song’, ‘The Lucky One’, ‘At First Sight’ etc.

Ipshita Biswas

I love reading and writing. I take interest in technology, politics and economy and at times guided by the situation I may come up with poems and stories.