The Angel by Nishibonya

the angel
Time waited for this angel to fly,
Through the obscure path,
even without a lantern, but her glowing smile
Mend broken souls that surround her sky;

To desire just nothing in return;
Hopes once starved in barren ruins;
Fear too concealed the unaided stings;
But the angel could strongly feel,
There was so much left to heal;

Long left dry, so much to revive;
Embraced by her motherly warmth,
Inspirational lullabies sung beside-
Those hearts could survive the chill outside

To grasp lost smiles, laugh in new delight;
Still the angel didn’t ever recite,
Brave chronicles of her sacrifice.
Storms splashed hard, she stood strong,
Never did recite, about the moments she cried alone
Tightly Held the urge to remain strong!

Even her soul shivered in cold,
Reminded of the miseries in folds;
But Troubles were kept aside,
She wore a smile so bright;
Battled her storms inside
the heart where only love resides!

Shared by Nishibonya Kakoti'