Just close your eyes in a September night
Too close to your eyes, let it to be mine
Whatever you say, whatever you do
Sing a few lines so elegant like you do
With a silent verse, let it to be cherish
Cherish those three certain words away
I have granted my broken heart last time
Let it to be paint, the grey world where I am,

I want to touch your lips in mountain teeth
I want to drink your lips in the sea
I want to stay like this in my fantasy
And I want to say like this forever, can I be?

I love you more deeply with every breath
I love you more till my last breathe
I do, you do, the world do in fantasy,
My darling, you will love when I fall
The best you say it when you say nothing at all,

I will be your time when the clock stills to see you
I will be a love line when my heart stills to write you
I will be the kiss when your cheeks reminds me I am
Love is the line; my darling, will you be there to mine?
Darling, I think I loved you before I meet you
I think I dreamed you before I see you
A thousand angels were dancing around you
But I think you were the angel, I loved you…………