Secret Chronicles

extract 1: Fallen Hopes

Her heart was strangled, by few people she loved the most! Left distraught, portions of her trust, meant to be cherished, were broken midway, and the rest, too scattered to fall into place! Being a constant victim of presumptions and rumors, she felt tired of the chains that surrounded her; the fame that choke the freedom to be herself; to live the way she liked! Once a bubbly girl, she used to chirp around the corners carrying packets of smiles in her heart and offer her own share of time and happiness wherever she spotted sad faces! Still she smiles, pretends to be fine, just to hide the weeping child inside! Still she cares, afraid to express it much, to save her empathy from being taken advantage of! Emotions tend to irk now, solace feared and vulnerabilities smartly escaped! But her eyes refuse to deny her yearn to love and to be loved!
Finally, she decided to lose herself, forcing into being a bitter woman; so that nobody could hurt her anymore; none could enter and exit her life as per their wish! Amidst sudden flashbacks of the past and the blankness of the present, she stubbornly treads along the lonely path- still hiding that fragile girl from the cruel world, through her rough demeanor and the pretense of non-nonchalance!

extract 2: Just for granted

She was taken for granted! like, every time- she took care of every little thing that gave you joy, was so careful dealing righteously with stuff that saddened you! and of course, her precious time just to soothe your conscience! But all she got was disappointment- not that she was expecting something in return, but at least wished to see you flourish and go the right way! Still she held to it, you got suffocated! Angered, you ask her to give space and leave! Hurt, she does let go, that too just to fulfill your ego; still wishing for your happiness wherever life takes, even if she isn’t a part of it! As time passes;eventually you realize how beautiful she is- how blessed you were! finally, it dawns upon how precious the bond was! you miss her, but don’t want to have her back- the guilt of not treating her the way she deserved keeps you at bay! a silent prayer whispers out from the heart in her name !
P.S- this extract is my mind’s fiction, just to give the advice to never take anyone for granted, be it any relation and never let go genuine people who care for you! cherish their love!'

Nishibonya Kakoti