Room 2115 : The best memories

Usually when college time is at the verge of ending, one place every one begins to feel attached to is their own room; the place where they have found a comfortable spot to return to. For me, it is Room 2115 in last two years that has been that safe haven. Often the thought of leaving hostel reminds me of the last episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S: only that the Room 2115 will be what Monica’s apartment was. It is a place of memories, a place almost like home and a place where most of our happy times took place.

What have we possibly not done in this room? Danced in stupid costumes feeling drunk and crazy on happiness, cooked all kinds of food items; some of them for friend’s birthdays, some for boyfriend’s and sometimes for ourselves, planned secret trips and counted every single day leading up to that and then shared about all the awesome times, studying together and somehow even the most dreaded exam time passed with so amazing memories of singing aloud in the morning and literally reading out important things to our friends even though they are half asleep because we felt responsible for each other’s grades as well. Such was the love. Every single thing was a group activity. This room with a light that we call ‘disco light’ proudly stolen from the shop at COPS, with a normal sized bed always seemed extra large because somehow we could all fit into it and with two amazing people with hearts so full of love that this room became a place you could never be sad at.


The room where the chair’s mini wardrobe always had clothes of all of us, where we have so many memories of just lying down and talking about every possible crazy thing, room where we played cards, saw movies, danced like crazy people, compiled all birthday videos, worked on a startup together, thought of the most awesome ideas for everything, planned all celebration times, got ready at, slept at, felt happy at and between all these times, we found a little home here.


The owners of this room possessed a special talent of being able to sleep even when there is music playing on a loudspeaker next to them. The noise that the door made when it opened and closed was loud enough to disturb the entire hostel but them. This was the room that hostellers living of a floor above and floor below always complained about. This was the room that defined a hell lot of memories we made in last two years. This two seater room hardly ever had just two people.

Khushboo, Tanuja, Priyanka, Ipshita, Monaki, Shefali, Sudikhya, Anangsha, Anjali, Sweta, Angana and me, we all know what this place meant to us. To the people who own the room, to all the awesome friends I got to make memories with, in last few years, I am grateful.  For I am so happy I came here.

When there was ‘Bee Attack’, I remember Priyanka in Tanuja’s bomb squad jacket, burning useless exam papers and news papers to get rid of the bees rather than running away and saving themselves. When slight tremors of Earthquake were left, they never left the room for they were too lazy and knew this will last only a few seconds. When we prepared for birthday parties, the floor would be so littered that somebody would walk in and ask, “Did a bomb just explode here?” And during exam times, Khushboo would come and wake all of us and make us study like good students, eventually leading to decent pointers for all of us. Babi would give the best head champi, Priyanka would lure us all into sleeping and Monaki had to be scolded and be forced to study when she used to fall asleep while studying.  🙂 😛


If I start writing about it all, I will never stop. All I know is that you people are the loveliest people I found in my life. There won’t be a Room 2115 again but once all of you are on whatsapp, we’ll make a group and name is Room 2115. Yes, that’s all we get after college gets over.'

Shreya Dalela