“Proud to be an Indian”- Losing its worth – by Nitin Saraswat


To enjoy our life in our own way is our right.  To roam around in capital city at 9:15pm by public transport is nowhere wrong. Yes, I am focusing on that heinous act done by some hooligans with a daughter, a sister and a very good friend of someone. And even after that lot of similar incidents are still occurring all over the country. The reason is that the Culprit already knows that our government will take good care of him; even better than his parents. The government will always defend him. And regarding probe for any case, in India anyone can sell himself for money, though to others we proudly exhibit  how religious we are, we have certain ethics, we have rich culture, there is unity in diversity in our country and Blah…Blah..Blah….

In India, what our previous generation or our elders use to say that these types of incidents are result of westernization; so we should bind to that Indian tradition which we had in our past times. In which our sisters were not allowed to go for higher education, women were thought of just to deal with needle and clothes, where to get his daughter married to someone was like he has done the biggest task of his life or he has removed his burden from his head. Or more precisely we can say that it was a male dominating society. These all are the tactics which are used by some of us or people who all are leading this country to defend these types of incidents. But, no one is accepting that there are lot of vagaries in our system  or no one is there who had ever said that yes, incident occurred due to our mistake instead of blaming the victim only. It feels pathetic when we use to hear fearful words from our elders. This is because they always played their life on back foot and they are bereft of taking it on front foot. We should think in a way that our system should be changed irrespective of amount of efforts it will require. Instead of looking for cure to the problem they are looking to put certain restriction so that this problem can be avoided by suppressing rights of one fraternity. But it’s futile to accentuate these facts.  The difference in thinking is what we call as Generation Gap.

India is raped

Now, some steps from some sensible minds of our young generation are required. We have to make our country’s vibe pleasant, fearless etc. where anyone can enjoy his or her rights; fear exists but that fear should be of our law, it should be stern enough so that no one even dares to think to go for such cheap deeds in society.  At least we should respect certain relations; we should think in a broad way always, treat everyone equal and always appose all the acts which cause differences between a Girl and a  boy.

We have full right to enjoy to the extent unless it is causing any harm to someone else. And yes we should put our views and thought before our elders and should not be afraid of doing that. This can change the whole scene of family which will turn society leading to fearless country for every citizen. Everyone should have patience, that’s absolutely true; in fact it plays a vital role in an individual success.  But you should not test patience of this young generation every time; this is what our government is doing right now.

To handle even simple cases, it takes around months and we can’t expect decision for intricate cases at least till the concerned person to that case is alive. Sometimes, it happens that culprit who gets death sentence is already died few years ago.  What a funny system we have right now. But still everything can be improved with time.

Hope that the Statement “Proud to be an Indian” will get its worth one day.