Little Notes


 Put up your thoughts here…

It happens a lot of time that we run out of time and even words to express our thoughts and ideas. This section is for all those unfinished notes we had scribbled some times and couldn’t develop it further…

You are allowed to be both a master piece and a work in progress simultaneously” –Sophia Bush



“Let no one define you, don’t let yourself believe them so often; let no parameters be set for you -that will eventually become huge limitations! Your soul is meant to be floating free: run away from anything that seem to weigh down the very essence of it; Never feel lost and confused when the world is against you at times, either you are correct or totally astray: be very righteous to spot the answer! Your very own self is enough to carry you through the journey, the trials and tribulations: and trust me, self-worth is rediscovered in the process! The struggles don’t define you but yes, attitude does; it carves a novelty every single time you come across an obstacle: keep going strong! Have the courage to walk an extra mile for the ones you really want to be with: stand for them, let them know if you care! Life is very short to keep waiting for the right time to come: the point you start from becomes the moment! Lastly, accept the flaws you have, don’t put yourself in an illusion of perfection; that would keep you at the same place, forever; but growth is the truest purpose of life. Whatsoever life brings to you, something better can always be made out of it; and despite everything, and you can be really beautiful if you wish to be!”

-Nishibonya Kakoti



“When there’s no dearth of people around you…there’s no dearth of fun around you…you have the leeway to fulfil your heart’s desires…you have the freedom to break rules to your heart’s content…yet you seem to enjoy nothing life has to offer to you…for your heart is far away…far from what you have been put into…far from all the luxurious dealings…far from all the fake conversations…far from all grown-up talks…all futile events…all money laden parties that fail to give pleasure in any form…stuck in the place forever with restricted movements and restricted thoughts…for your thoughts could only wander to that far away land…which would bring to you nothing but plain disappointment of every form…”

-Ipshita Biswas



“I wonder how you manage to put up a smile just moments after realising you’ve had enough! Is it even real or just an innocent attempt to keep the storm far from being obvious? I am scared that you would be dying inside and no one would even get the slightest hint of what’s going on! I am scared of the way you are addicted to your own company, it might leave you illusioned for a lifetime! But, how do you save someone if you don’t even realise they are falling apart? Climbing past the walls built through those years of agony is not easy, get inside and see, they are no less than shades of hidden treasures!”

-Nishibonya Kakoti



“Someday someone would come to hold your hands and promise to hold them forever. Someday someone would love you back and promise to do that forever. Someday someone would make you smile at times when tears could get easy access to your eyes. Someday someone would tell you how precious you are. Someday someone would deny to live if you aren’t there. Someday someone would compel you to think that they are the one. Someday someone would treat you like a princess you never knew you deserved to be. Someday someone would be ready to leave everything for your sake. Someday someone would make you a master for the entire life. Someday someone would find happiness in your happiness. Someday someone would give you the key to their life….till then… you will never see it coming!”

-Ipshita Biswas'