How can I hide myself?

My breathing is something
That remind me your breaths every time
And I know, love lives in heaven and heart
But my love,

My heaven is still there in your heart,
Those shadows of beauty and
Those thirty-one arrows of life
Lighten my love in your eyes,
Can I hide myself?

Can I hide myself inside a metal jacket,
Walking like a stranger, in sea bank sunset
Where a grey boat is sailing on a blackish ocean
And screams of death angel throughout the path
Can I hide myself?

Is my shadow is dark or it hates the brightness
Defeats me again throughout the darkness
Arrival of another dark night
And the pain of broken heart,
Then how a broken shadow makes me smile
And your smile floats in my eyes?

The pearl dynasty in reddish cages
Makes my wedding ring and
Bluish waves inspire the new life
Is it blue or

The sky is the mirror throughout the whole night?
Why you are still silent
Can’t you see the pain in my eyes?
You got hidden in a portrait in my sense
Then can’t you give me a place to hide
Don’t be quite, tell me for the last time
Can I hide myself,
Can I hide myself
For the last time, the last time in your eyes?

Written by Bitupaban Muktiar'