A fresh new chapter in life…


When the plane hit the runway of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, that’s when my heart started to thump harder and faster as it was a beginning of a fresh new chapter in my life. I will have to be living away from my near and dear ones, now that, scared the shit out of me as I was so dependent on my mother for nearly everything. I somehow could not digest the fact that the capital will be home for me for the next four years of my life. I will have to adjust with the people good or bad, manage everything all by myself! But this is what I wanted after all and this is where I wanted to reach after all the hard work, and the feeling was finally sinking in…Yes, I am a student of one of India’s prestigious educational institutions…Delhi university and I was one of the lucky ones to have got an opportunity to be a part of it…the glitz…the glamour and of course the crazy world of the DUites..

The capital welcomed me in a warm way (yes, literally it hit 43’C that day!)…I had reached quite late that evening and it was difficult for me to search for a taxi but I as I found one I quickly sat on the taxi and after sometime I started to think about the last one month of my life, I felt like it started and whoosh…ended so fast. I could clearly remember the day I had come with my mother to take admission in college, to how both me and my mother stood in long queues for the admission process under the sun for so long to hunting for an accommodation for myself (yes, I am quite picky in these matters) and how my mother had to deal with my tantrums to how I was being pampered in the last one month by my near and dear ones and two fat tears rolled down my cheeks. I never realized the fact that I was homesick until that day…23rd of July’13 as I clearly remember…yes, a new beginning in my life…

1st year in college ended before I realized. It has been quite a fruitful year for me. I’ve learnt so much…from cleaning my almirah to dealing with things and people to spending wisely to…yes, Delhi has taught me a lot in this one year…it has given me a lot too…some maturity to an amazing bunch of friends who I can call my family who have always been there there with me and who I call my partners in crimes…to doing vellapanti (a word used in Delhi for good for nothings)on the streets of Kamla Nagar,a place for all the students in north campus to hangout ,to discussing what not to study for the exams..YES, EVERYTHING! And I hope they continue to do so forever to some people who I want to smack a brick with on their face…as I sit here in my room and go down the memory lane of the last one year I’ve realized that beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it’s everything in between that makes life worth living.



Kavyashruti Bhattacharyya