When we met for the final time

Wasn’t it worth every single dime?
The final goodbye
The final sigh
Promises, which are meant to keep
A harvest which we shall reap
The distance makes it tough
But only if you are weak enough
They say love is divine
It gets better, just like old wine
Days come and go
But, the affection is never low
We stay far away from each other
Days are progressively longer
There are bad times
There are tough times But, does it really matter?
After all, we’ve grown up together
There are times I remain angry
The world seems nasty
Yes, I get zoned out
Lonely without a doubt
But, sweetheart its just a phase
One which we can easily erase
Lets stay strong
Just like we’ve been for so long
For our love is divine and true
Like every obstacle, this shall pass too….
Written by Priyangshu Gogoi