What is special about Teakruthi’s Ceylon Tea?

It’s a well-known fact among tea lovers that Ceylon tea, sourced from Sri Lanka is one of the finest qualities of tea in the entire world. While there are a lot of companies that sell Ceylon tea, only a few truly understand what the legacy of Ceylon tea is all about, how it should be sourced and how it should reach the people who are absolutely going to cherish a cup of pure Ceylon tea.

Teakruthi is one such brand that solely focusses on ensuring that nothing but the best possible tea blend reaches its customers.

The story behind Teakruthi’s Ceylon Tea

People behind Teakruthi are people who themselves are lovers of a fine cup of freshly brewed tea. They understand what it is like to have a demanding palate and those true tea lovers definitely don’t want any additives in their tea that spoil the authentic taste. Therefore, it’s their mission to serve you nothing less than your expectations.

The efforts have yielded the finest possible blend. Teakruthi’s teas are nothing less than an adventure. Having a sip can give you a feeling that you are transported to the beautiful tea plantations of Sri Lanka, giving you a mini vacation instantly. This is the level of experience they aspire their Ceylon teas to deliver.

Wide varieties of black, green as well as white Ceylon tea are available at TeaKruthi and they are all sourced from different famous regions of Sri Lanka.

The one common thing about all varieties of teas sourced from Sri Lanka is that they are completely free of any kind of artificial additives. They treat health and well-being as the number one priority. Hence, any kind of artificial flavors or preservatives. Their teas are all natural and non-GMO, exquisitely selected and made to an exacting and premium quality standard for the most discriminating tea connoisseurs to enjoy over and over again.

What this means is that tea from Teakruthi is delivered to you completely fresh, with its full flavor and aroma intact. This is possible because they have a unique model that lets them source ‘just-in-time’. All Teakruthi teas are delivered to you so early that they are never over three months old. Hence, they don’t need any artificial flavors or preservatives. The sourcing process of Teakruthi involves no middlemen and the tea comes from Sri Lanka’s finest estates. The unique climate of Sri Lanka allows tea to be grown all year long so there is never a need to store this tea in any warehouse. A fresh supply is possible to be maintained at all times.

There is another great reason to feel happy about buying Ceylon tea from Teakruthi.

Teakruthi is one of the rare brands that make sure that it only sources tea leaves from the plantations that adhere to the standards of minimum wage and enable happy working conditions for their workers. Hence, you can feel satisfied that your tea is being picked and processed by a set of happy people.

Apart from ensuring such sustainable practices and checking the overall credibility of the plantations through their certifications, Teakruthi also donates a portion of all proceeds to support the education of the children of plantation workers in Sri Lanka.

They pride themselves on being able to give back to those who give them. Hence, it’s only tea that makes you feel good when you drink it, but also a tea that you can feel good about drinking. And while that might seem small, things like these make a huge difference.

Finally, the biggest reason why Teakruthi stands out as a brand among all Ceylon tea selling brands is that promises and delivers tea that is hundred percent pure. All Teakruthi teas are ‘single origin’.

A bit more about Ceylon Tea

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The word Ceylon in Ceylon tea comes from the original name of Sri Lanka when it was a British colony. Sri Lanka kept the name Ceylon for about a quarter after independence. Those colonies were known to produce some of the most prized teas in the world.

In the British era, tea began to be cultivated and produced in Sri Lanka for the first time. Since then, Ceylon has gained and maintained the reputation for producing the finest quality of tea in the world. A large amount of the economy became dependent on the tea exports. And till date, they continue to have that legacy.

But what is it about Sri Lanka that makes it so ideal for tea production and what makes Sri Lanka tea so special?

The humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall of Sri Lanka’s central highlands provide a climate that favors the production of high-quality tea. Matara, Galle, and Ratnapura are the districts have low elevation, high rainfall, and warm temperatures so the tea produced from these regions have special properties. Every region in Sri Lanka yields a slightly different type of tea with its own distinguishable taste.

In the 1890s Ceylon tea had started to reach its tea fame. “Ceylon Fever” had hit the United Kingdom and Ceylon tea began to be sold at the London auctions for a record-breaking price of almost £2, (over £70 today). Legend has it that Queen Victoria was a big fan of Ceylon tea for her afternoon cup, and was said to fling her teacup across the room if she found the tea not up to her standards!

Till date, Ceylon tea is known to be one of the ‘cleanest’ teas in the world. Governed by strict standards, Ceylon tea doesn’t use any hazardous pesticides (methyl bromides) and is certified ‘Ozone friendly’ by the Montreal Protocol. When you sip on your cup of Pure Ceylon by Teakruthi, you’re not just refreshing yourself; but also helping refresh and renew a resource important to protecting our Earth.

Where can I buy Teakruthi’s Tea?

A wide range of Pure Ceylon teas are available at teakruthi. At Teakruthi, you can find black, white as well as green tea from various famous districts of Sri Lanka.


Shreya Dalela