My bride

When fire of lightening brighten your ear rings

And a rain drops in your lips shines like a shooting star

A drop strikes a golden pebble floating in icy land

I pick up the pebble, the pebble in my wedding world

In my wedding ring and in your wedding ring

The wedding kiss of love in a moment of romance

Be lost in your groom, my darling you are my bride,

I am the lord of winter fall, the height of summer

The lord of winter fall, the height of summer

The castle of leaves, you are my queen of flower,

The ocean cries, waves of tears strikes the castle

And time meets the past; strikes the chain of ecstasies,

Be quite for a moment, listen the silent song of love

Hold your breathes, live the hour atones for all,

Exiles from delight to your twilight, drops of light

In curtain of dreams, flames lighten the whole nights

Let’s live in our souls and breathe the moment together,

Let’s see the world again, be my eyes forever,

Be the promise in your lover’s vow,

Be with me, be lost in my shadow

And be with me

From the day of love to the end day of my life