Can a burning candle lighten the ash land?
Can it defeat the ghost of shadows?
The king Cobra, the land of vampires
The king of thousand dark nights of shadows
With his armies, the ghosts of shadows
Black swords deepen in Monster’s blood
The war in land of blood,
Where flowers grows no more
Where the victory is death, dreams no more
Where the funeral is death of light,
Tears beg a death, but the death never dies
And never dies the fear,
The fear for the winter when the sun is so far away
The fear for the dark nights when light is so far away
The fear for the shadows hiding the stars of winter fall
The fear for the swords killed the runner of summer land
And the fear of nights is dark, fire burns no away,
The sword is the enemy, hunter of dead souls
The curse of Lannisters, burning souls
The wind of falls night, painter of blood
Fire burst in eclipse, and love is no more,
The land of black swords of pain
The black sword of pain
Trust of rust, the black sword of pain……….